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Bathroom Remodeling Design

Carolina Remodeling and Restorations offers bathroom remodeling services in the entire upstate area. We’ve performed countless bathroom remodels for upstate residents and surroundings. Our knowledge and expertise will help your project run smoothly and efficiently. When remodeling your bathroom, the first and the most important step is choosing a local based company for your bathroom remodeling company you can trust. Many companies perform substandard work, overcharge, change their names frequently to stay under the radar, or all of the above.

At Carolina Remodeling and Restorations, our commitment is to set the standard for quality bathroom remodeling. We offer full-service, bathroom shower and jacuzzi design remodeling for all our clients. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our experienced designers will guide you every step of the way to make sure your new bathroom looks stunning serves your needs and rises the value of your home.

Below you can see few pictures of Carolina's Bathroom Remodeling. It’s not our most impressive work but we always post our most recent projects.

These are the services we provide for each bathroom renovation:

1. Remove old shower frame and glass walls. Remove retaining wall (if there is one!). Remove wall tile in the shower. Tear out shower pan. Dispose of all trash and carry off the property.

2. Relocation and centering of shower drain (if shower pan is expanded). Replace and relocate all shower hardware (if necessary).

3. Expanding width of the shower wall and width of the shower panel by reframing shower stall (if necessary). Installation of new shower panel, built with a rubber liner and cement with a 15 degree slope for proper drainage. Installation of new durock on all shower walls. Installation of tile, travertine or marble on all shower walls . All tiles in the shower pan are cut smaller (approx. 4”x 4”). All wall tiles will run from the base of the shower 6 or 7 feet towards the ceiling. A small seat and 2 corner shelves will be installed as well. A highlight band will be installed using the same type of material.

4. Remove all baseboard trim, “shoe” molding, hardwood planks off the floor and in the wet room. Remove toilet (and re-install with new wax gasket when floor job is finished). Installation of new floors with durock and new tile, porcelain, travertine or marble tiles on all bathroom floor including area underneath vanity and the “wet room” area.

5. Installation of new vanity countertop (granite). Installation of 2 top seated sinks (all new plumbing & drain is included) and hook up both to hot/cold water lines and drains

6. Installation of new frameless shower glass door and wall. Client gets to choose the type of hardware (handle, plates and hinges) from copper, brush stainless steel or brass.

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5 Reasons why Carolina Remodeling should conduct your Bathroom Services:
1 Our full service and licensed construction company specializes in Homeowners Associations construction services.
2 Our staff consists of trained professionals and craftsman who can handle all and any of your construction needs.
3 Our large amount of experience with both residential and commercial services makes us accustomed to all types of repairs.
4 We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our high quality of work and our effective production schedule.

We are equipped to handle any HOA maintenance issue, such as, masonry, painting, electrical and much more.